Setting clear expectations at the start of the project will also help me better understand how to accomplish a client's desired outcome.


I have worked on over a hundred projects for various clients around the world. I have worked with startups, solo entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses.


I have worked with IT service providers, HR experts, law firms, health and fitness experts, beauty and fashion experts, life coaches, doctors, alternative medicine practitioners, marketing firms, business consultants, higher education consultants, automotive service providers, real estate developers, an online job platform and a printing company.


I have been working as a freelance writer since 2008. I have logged more than 9,000 hours online since the start of my career.


I have written web content, blog articles, eBooks, newsletters, research papers, book and product reviews, buying guides and product descriptions. I have also proofread and edited work done by other writers.


I have learned that open and honest communication between a client and a freelancer leads to a great work relationship and this contributes greatly to the success of any project.


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